Our Club

Falkirk Lawn Tennis Club was founded in 1891. We are based in Hamilton Drive in the center of Falkirk, with a friendly, active membership playing both competitive and social tennis.

We have teams participating in local league competitions and we cater for players of all ages, with busy club nights, coaching sessions and annual championships.

The club has 3 all weather floodlit courts, a centrally heated clubhouse with kitchen facilities and male and female changing rooms with showers.

We stage Club Nights on Monday and Wednesday evenings and for the more competitive players, we compete in several in-house and county events.

Falkirk Lawn Tennis Club has something for players of all standards, whether beginner or advanced.

If you are interested in membership, you can join online HERE or contact Alan Gibson on 01324 556922 for more details.

Club Management Committee

Colin Marshall
Alan Gibson
01324 556922
Colin Fisher
Robbie Sinclair
Robert Stirton

Club Officials

Indoor Winter league Alan Gibson 01324 556922
Autumn League Theresa Bryant 01324 670250
Summer Singles League Gents - Martin Smith
Ladies - Heather Colston
07725 026391
01324 633761
Gillespie Cup Steven White 01324 631683
Publicity Officer TBC  
Tennis Central Scotland Juniors Representative Alan Gibson 01324 556922
Clubhouse Convenor Margaret Stevenson 01324 621981
Tennis Central Scotland Representative Alan Gibson 01324 556922
Auditor Colin Fisher 01324 711384

AGM Reports

Annual General Meeting 2014

Secretary's Report

Annual General Meeting 2013

Secretary's Report

Annual General Meeting 2012

Secretary's Report

Annual General Meeting 2011

Secretary Report
Treasurer's Report available upon request

Annual General Meeting 2010

Secretary's Report
Treasurer's Report available upon request

Annual General Meeting 2009

Secretary's Report
Treasurer's Report available upon request

President's Note

Good Wishes for 2013

Dear Member

Firstly, I must thank you all for your support over these past 5 years during my term of office as President. In particular I would wish to express my heartfelt thanks to the respective members of our operating committee and all those members who have kindly volunteered their time and effort in ensuring our Club continues to prosper. Again my special thanks go to Alan Gibson who continues to perform an excellent job co-ordinating the whole enterprise.

These are challenging times for all recreational clubs and, to ensure the continued well-being of our Club, the committee has introduced some new initiatives which I am confident will produce a solid foundation for a healthy and successful future. Furthermore, the internal management of the Club has been structured to distribute the workload away from “those same few willing volunteers” into shared focus groups; both within the operating committee and across the Club’s membership. Any members willing to contribute by volunteering towards the overall Club effort, please make their interest known to a committee member as it would be most welcome.

Although, both the facilities and finances of our Club, today, are in ‘great shape’ we need to be aware that both on-going maintenance and major restoration work will inevitably be required at some time in the future; hopefully many years into the future. Being aware of the large sums of expenditure likely to be incurred the Club fiscal stewardship of a suitable “contingency fund” remains an essential focus; particularly since the prospect of acquiring sufficient grants or loans from external sources remain unlikely. However, we should not be overly concerned as the Club, today, remains in a good financial position, and with incremental revenues from the initiatives being introduced should keep us on track.

From 2013 onwards the coaching approach will be reformed to reflect the various requests received from members and provide our Club with the responsibility for managing its training needs. The content of the coaching will be driven from consensus by its membership; managed by the Club; and performed by the appointment of appropriate coaching staff.
However, on behalf of the committee, I would like to extend our appreciation to Total Tennis, and in particular Gordon Watson, for its outstanding contribution to the Club’s coaching needs over the past 15 years and hope our relationship continues as part of the new initiative.

It is thanks to the efforts of Alan Gibson that our Club has developed a close relationship with Falkirk Community Trust which, I truly believe, will benefit both the local community by offering an accessible entry into the sport of tennis for local youngsters and a progressive benefit to our Club’s future.

Finally; my thank you goes to Philip Crosson for administering our web-site which continues to provide a useful portal into the Club’s activities, its forthcoming events, and any topical interests. A new Club web-site, with extended capabilities, is currently, under design and is targeted for an initial release at the start of the 2013 season. To achieve the web site objectives required a complete re-design and we truly appreciate the effort being done by Graeme Laurenson in taking on this task :- thank you Graeme.

This report concludes my term as your President and I would like to give my sincere good wishes to Colin Marshall in his new Presidency role. Colin has been a long service member of Falkirk Lawn Tennis Club and I am totally confident that I am handing the reins over to an excellent successor.

Regards and best wishes to all members for a great year of tennis– ENJOY !!

John Bryant

Club Etiquette & Rules

Click Here to download our Club Rules
  • Please pick up tennis balls and return them to the clubhouse
  • If members are waiting and all courts are taken, please play no more than 7 games, around half an hour
  • We want to be good neighbours to those around us, please mind your language!